3 Steps to Throwing a Successful Wedding (That Will Last a Lifetime)

When it comes to putting on a wedding, there is a lot of moving parts for both the bride and the groom. It is a significant event in someone’s life where two individuals become one couple and they celebrate this through a powerful ritual known as marriage. Hopefully, a marriage will last and stay together, and having an awesome wedding is the first step towards making something like this become a total 100% reality for people.


In this article we are going to cover 3 simple steps you can do to make sure your wedding is a blast and something that will be remembered not just weeks or months, but for the rest of your life as something you can truly treasure.


Step 1 – Invite Properly


When it comes to inviting people, do not just invite them via a facebook event group but actually send a physical card to them. This shows that you care, it is expected, and some people truly want to keep these cards are remembrances of the day when someone they love tied the knot.


This goes double for family members!


For people you do not want to invite, try to avoid even mentioning the wedding to them. And for coworkers you do not want to come, you can always just make it kind of a private thing and most coworkers will understand it is something intimate for you and not for them to attend to.


Step 2 – Get Commitments Out of the Groomsmen and the Bridesmaids


The last thing you want is to select your perfect line up for these roles and only to have one or even multiple of them bail out at the end. There is a lot of responsibility that goes into being one of these roles.


For example, bridesmaids often are expected to get their own gowns, make any adjustments they need and to financially bear the responsibility of showing up to the wedding regardless of how exotic the location might be.


So keep this in mind, talk with these people and make sure they can bear the weight of the responsibility and that they are 100% ALL IN!


Step 3 – Make Sure the RSVP Deadline is a Week Out


You want people to RSVP as quickly as possible because this lets you know how many people are planning on showing up. You should always prepare for the case that some extras might show up, or others might bring a date or perhaps even their family to the wedding.


Keep this in mind so you can get all the information you need to the venue that will be throwing it on.


The last thing you want at your wedding is for people not to have enough foodstuffs or seating because of poor proper planning!


And there you have it, 3 tips that will make sure you will have a smoother wedding that will be one for a lifetime! Use these tips with your planning and you will be guaranteed a lot easier time when it comes to managing all the other moving parts involved in something like this!

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Hispanic Marriage Traditions You Can Use Part 3

Hispanic wedding traditions can help create more romance in the actual wedding engagement, and sometimes can even help you with the financial outlay that goes into what are typically pretty expensive weddings (I’m looking at you Money Dance and Godfather financiers!)


In this series, we are going to cover another one that can “ease” the financial burden of a wedding done in the Hispanic wedding traditional style. But it might also ease a bit of the romance out of the situation too, something to be aware of!


Alright, let us get down to brass tacks and talk about some more Hispanic wedding traditions that you can employ into your wedding versus just your typical mainstream traditions that everyone else is doing.



1 – The No Engagement Ring Money Saving Strategy


In most Hispanic countries in Central America, there is no wedding ring. As there is also no engagement ring. This is because the actual ring for both occasions is actually just the same ring!

This is the tradition I was hinting at from above that it can save you a lot of money, but it might also lose a bit on the romance points.


In a Hispanic traditional wedding, the original engagement ring is merely passed from the left hand to the right hand as the ceremony is complete, anointing the two individuals as a unified couple.


Still though, as far as traditions go, this is a pretty good one. Plus, it will save you some money so that is always nice too!


2 – Throw Away the Bouquet and Bring in the Cake!


In many Argentinian weddings there is no bouquet that is thrown as it is done in American wedding traditions. Instead, the Argentinian tradition is where there is a cake that has various amounts of ribbons protruding from the cake. Women of the wedding will gather around the cake and each of them will pull out the ribbons.


Each ribbon will have different charms attached to the ribbon and the woman who pulls out the ring charm is supposedly the next one to get married.


This is a fun and fairly different tradition than most American weddings. And thankfully, unlike trying to catch the bouquet, this one requires no agility or hand eye accuracy on our part!


(Always a nice touch!)


3 – The Romance of the Candle Ceremony


A Colombian tradition originally, it has since passed into appearing in several Hispanic wedding traditions. The idea here is that the bride and the groom after passing the ring tradition, will then take up two small white candles that are lit. These small candles then light a larger candle.


This is a sign of two individuals who have now become one couple.


Pretty romantic, right?


Also, very easy (and cheap to add to your wedding!) to incorporate into any kind of marital tradition.


Well, there you have it and that about wraps up my 3-part series on Hispanic wedding traditions. If you were not following along (shame on you!) than go ahead and go back to Part 1 of this series to get even more ideas on what kind of traditions that you can incorporate into your wedding!

Hispanic Marriage Traditions You Can Use Part 2

Hispanic wedding traditions add a certain spice and flavor to the rest of the wedding engagement that is often sorely missing in mainstream American weddings. That is why I decided to write this post, a series really, on the topic of hispanic wedding traditions. And hey, if you are single but you want to marry a hispanic man, well I wrote an entire post on that subject too so you can start down the pathway of a feisty hispanic wedding with all the capias you could ever desire at your behest.


Last post we talked about 3 of the more formal traditions, in this post we are going try and cover some of the more lively affairs that belongs to hispanic marriage traditions.


1 – The Money Dance


What better way to do the wedding dance at the start of the reception than by using it as a way to bootstrap your honeymoon expenses? This is exactly what this tradition is all about!


Typically this is a popular tradition amongst Cuban based weddings, or people who were raised in Cuban hispanic traditions. How it works is that the bride of the groom will dance with every male dancer (that is if they are willing to dance) and the man before letting the next man step in will pin some money to the bride of the groom’s dress.


Now, I hear you, who wants a bunch of pins in their beautiful and likely very expensive dress?


It is also acceptable for the woman to carry a small satin purse with her onto the dance floor for this very reason.


2 – El Lazo – The Binding of Infinity


After a couple accepts their “I Do’s” and wedding vows to each other, the parents of the couple will come forth with a white rope. They drape this rope around the wedding couple’s shoulders in a figure 8. This figure 8 is suppose to be a symbolization of eternal bonding, and as you may have figured out, the figure 8 is often used as a symbol to represent infinity.


This tradition binds the two lovers to infinity with each other, which is pretty cool.


In some cultures instead of a white rope it is a white ribbon used, though in Guatemala the white rope tends to be the winner in which is the most traditional one to use.


3 – The Heart Shaped Dance that Melts All Hearts


In American culture, at the start of the reception the bride and the groom will be given the first dance as the newly anointed husband and wife. The crowd at the wedding will gather around, typically in a circle.


However, in the Hispanic tradition they will actually gather around to watch the first dance between man and wife in the form of a heart. This is a small detail, but hey, it is the small details that make great things even greater and I like it.


Look out for my next post on this series as we keep revealing more and more hispanic wedding traditions that you can apply for your wedding!

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Traditional Hispanic Marriage Customs Part 1

When it comes to marriage, it is a ritual steeped in tradition. Often this tradition stems from a widely practiced religious culture, but wedding traditions also come from ethnic culture as well. Unfortunately, many young people forego their culture traditions in favor of the more common mainstream traditions practiced by the majority of their peers.


If you are Hispanic (or desiring a wedding that uses Hispanic traditions), then you should definitely consider adding some of the more traditional Hispanic marriage traditions. These traditions can add a certain flavor and flare that is missing from most other weddings. It is something you can do to really stand out amongst your peers too, and nothing will create a longer lasting memory that will be with you for the rest of your life than by having such an amazingly different kind of engagement!


Alright, so what are some of these Hispanic marriage traditions and how can you take advantage of them?


First off…


1 – Arras and the Disciples


This tradition is where the groom gives the bride 13 golden coins as a show of prosperity and also as a show that the groom has the power to take care of the bride once their marriage has actually commenced.


This is an awesome tradition. In this tradition the 13 golden coins represent Jesus Christ of Nazareth and his 12 disciples. This is an example of religious and cultural influences creating a unique marriage tradition. This tradition is practiced fairly widely as well in other countries such as Mexico, Spain and Panama.


2 – Capias and the Little Doll of Favors


Ever been to a wedding reception in Puerto Rico? If you have, you may have noticed something they do with their marriage traditions, an item called the Capias. Capias literally means little favors and it is a doll typically dressed in a doll replica of the bride’s wedding dress. These favors are then handed out to the guests as thank yous for them attending the wedding event.


Typically, these favors are made of paper, usually in the shape of a fern or a flower/


3 – Madrinas y Padrinos – The Real Godfather


In Mexico, godparents play a huge role when it comes to the wedding of their godchildren. Something that is almost nonexistent in United States weddings, since the tradition of godchildren really is not that mainstream altogether in America.


However, in Mexico it is totally a different story. Here the godparents are often heavily involved in the planning of the wedding and often are even investing in the wedding engagement financially.


And hey, weddings are not cheap if you want to have a blast at one, so this is definitely a good tradition to keep alive!



There you have it! 3 Hispanic wedding traditions that you could incorporate fairly easily into your own. Okay, well getting your godparents to pay a large sum of cash for your wedding could be difficult, especially if you are like most Americans and you simply do not have godparents, much less one who is willing to donate to the cause.


But the other 2 at least… are pretty solid.


Stay tuned as we continue this series on various Hispanic wedding traditions!


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3 Tips to Get a Hispanic Man to Love You

Hispanic men are full of fire and passion, amongst other things that sometimes make them a more complicated specimen for you to date. However, there are a few things you can do that can give you an exceptional advantage when it comes to dating a Hispanic man (or trying to get one to date you).


In this article, we are going to go over 3 different tips or strategies you can utilize starting today. Are you ready? Good. Let us dive into the deep end and talk about some good old fashioned dating psychology.


3 Tips Proven to Work to Get a Hispanic Man to Date You


#1 Make Sure Their Family is in Another City


Most Hispanic men are really big on you meeting their family – especially their mothers. Relationships tend to move as quick as their passions, but this can be dangerous if you two are still just starting to get to know each other in a more intimate fashion. This is why it is usually a good rule of thumb to date a Hispanic man whose family is in another city (or sometimes another country) as a kind of a buffer against this.


A good, healthy relationship is not formed in a day or a week after all. Take your time! Make sure that you can take your time!


#2 English Speaker? You Have the Advantage Online


When it comes to actually finding a Hispanic man to date, you may be tempted to use websites like OkCupid or Plenty of Fish. Honestly, these are great resources and should be used. However, if you want to increase your chances of really pulling in a Hispanic man to you, then you should prominently display just how good at English you are.


Many times this is a major attraction for Hispanic men when English is not their first or native language. So why not use it to your advantage?


Also online allows you to weed out more of the weirdos you might end up meeting in this escapade, so make sure to have a good filtering process in place!


#3 Remember… You Are More of a Party Animal than Him


If you are like many UK women, you may find yourself out drinking your Hispanic date. While you are pouring the next beer or downing another shot, he is off to the bathroom wheezing away, trying to hold in some of his vomit from having too much of a good thing.


If you want to make sure to enjoy the ultimate intimacy at the end of the night with your Hispanic date, put down the beer glass and do not encourage him to keep up with you. Trust me. It likely will not end well, especially for him considering the morning he has to look forward to!


Use these 3 tips to your advantage and I have no doubt you will be able to find yourself the perfect Hispanic man that you have been looking for!

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